Sunday, May 06, 2007

Month 1 Week 2 - 218 #'s

Worked out for 2 hours today. Mainly walked/jogged on the indoor track. Rode the cycle for 15 mins today. I downloaded a podcast that has mixed techno that is made for working out. I has the beats per minute to help decide which one to choose. The best thing is that it is free. For the price it is not too shabby. Working out for 5 days a week and I have noticed that all of my higher tempo music is getting old.

Barely made it 4 miles and burned 115 calories. I have noticed that it hurts much more when I take a day off. I used the pool and hot tub for the first time today as well. The hot tub is a glorious thing.

Also I ordered a pedometer so that I track how many steps as well as calories. I like riding the bike because I can gauge how many miles and calories burned. I use that info to benchmark myself and try to beat the time/calories burned each section.

Tomorrow I go to the new member orientation. I plan on signing up for the program that helps you develop a workout gameplan. It lasts 12 weeks and have 4 consultations throughout to help keep you on track. At this point I want to lose weight and gain stamina.