Thursday, March 30, 2006

This comes to us from the internet jesus I take no claim to this work. I only posted it because Jacob the Taller demanded more interwub comics. I didn't want to do it. I was broken as a young man by a teacher who would hump door knobs. I wish I was kidding. Enjoy.

What all the alien kids are reading!

So have you wondered what kind of comics that the hipster set is reading in the Delta Quadrant? (sorry been watching alot of ST:Vgr)

My verdict = Cute but disturbing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Oldest Rockband in the World!"

This completely random and non-comic post is brought to you by the party shuffle feature in iTunes. I just finished listing to the song "Twilight Zone" from the MTV Class of 1983 album(Thanks Allison!). I was thinking to myself that I never realized that this song was by the band Golden Earring. Well, I have always liked the song "Radar Love" by this group. It is a staple of classic rock which I listen to while growing up. Its a great cruising song. So anyways I toggled over to Mozilla and pulled up wikipedia. I decided to find out about this band. Turns out they are Dutch(freaky-deeky) and are the longest shelf life of any band in the world. Read the entry to find out more. To sum up this history lesson: I have learned that after a nuclear holocaust that Twinkies, cockroaches, and Golden Earring will still be around.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Stuff I have purchased

So I have been on a comics buying jag recently. In an attempt to appease Jacob the Taller I will give a mini review on the items purchased recently. These are in no particular order.

Bomb Queen #1 & 2. I am not familiar with the previous works by the writer/artist Jimmie Robinson. That being said I would be inclined to check out his previous works Amanda & Gunn also published by Image. This book seems to channel Wanted by Mark Millar and JG Jones. This is fun and raunchy read about a villain who takes over a city, New Port City. You get a feeling that everyone in the city gets what they deserve because they support the reign of the capricious, Bomb Queen. I will continue to purchase this title and see where is goes.

Following Cerebus #7. This is a not so much as comic as a review and critical analysis 'zine of the recently ended comic by Dave Sim. This book is from the same guys at Win-Mill Productions who have produced the long running fan-zine of Twin Peaks called Wrapped in Plastic. The best part of this is the review of an episode of the Buffy series by Dave Sim. Dave goes into detail on how he wheels out a vcr and prepares to watch an the show. That being said Dave doesn't think that television has any value. I found myself imagining my girlfriend(who is a huge fan of Buffy) reading a randon issue of Cerebus. Just like Dave, she would be confused and uninterested. Still this book is highly recomended for anyone who enjoyed Cerebus and wants to delve into the mind that is Dave Sim.

Planetary Brigade #2. From the fertile mind of Keith Giffen and JM Dematteis and the fine folks at Boom Studios. Till I listen to the podcast Comic Geek Speak, I was never very aware of Keith Giffen. This comic is a fun blast to the better parts of the late 80's and 90's. It is very self aware and tongue in cheek. The art is ok but the story is the best part of this comic. It feels like the adult version of JLU cartoon on Cartoon Network. This would not interest anyone not deep into the sweaty world of superhero spandex. Highly recommended for those few damned souls.

Fantastic Four Presents:Frankin Richards Son of a Genius One Shot. If you like your comics in the strip format channeled through Calvin and Hobbes then this is your book. You don't need to know about continuity or characters. This comic that you can enjoy at 28 or 8. It is not as good as Akiko or Owly but any kid or adult with a passing awareness of the Marvel U will enjoy this gag every panel concept. Marvel should be printing these and handing them out a those book fairs they have at schools. If they still have them that is. I brought the first book of the Dune series at a school book fair and it changed my life but I digress. You need to buy this book if only to tell Marvel to publish more of this!

Fear Agent #3. This book published by Image and done by Rick Remender and Tony Moore is awesome! It is two fisted sci-fi goodness. Basically the hero Heath Huston, is a hard drinkin' and hard fightin' sum a bitch. He gets paid to exterminate infestations of alien badness. He drinks whiskey and eats peanut butter. His space ship talks to him and tells him to eat better and not drink so much. You know what I am talking about! Buy this now if not for the kick-butt story but for the gorgeous art that reminds me of Wally Wood getting high with Frank Frazetta who passes the dutchie to Dave Stevens.

In my shame I brought so many more comics in the last few weeks but I yet to read them all. I will bring you more goodness or shame when I have time to read more. I have spent to much time surfing the interwebs and listening to nerdy based podcasts to read all my comic goodness!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Entry the First

This week was the beginning of a new era for me. I placed my first order for comic books with a company called They were highly recommended by a podcast called 15 years or so ago when I started down this road to geekdom the only way to get your comics was to visit your local shop. The best way to hear about cool new comics and talk about them was with your friends. My how have things changed. The future is now and such.